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Back Catalog Posts: Lenny Goes to Nursery School by Ken Wilson-Max

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Lenny Goes to Nursery School by Ken Wilson-Max #ownvoices (2013)

by Mary K.

In this British import Lenny goes to nursery school for the first time.  On the way, he sees another girl whose colorful dress he admires. She turns out to be a classmate, Lucy, and at school Lucy and Lenny sing songs, draw pictures, have juice, and enjoy tricycle races with their diverse classmates and teacher. Only a slight frown when mom leaves hints at Lenny's nervousness. The brightly-colored illustrations are just right for still-developing vision, and the simple plot will be relatable for most young children learning about what to expect when they begin school.

Themes/topics: school, preschool, separation, friends

Sample text from two spreads:

Mummy says, "Bye bye, Lenny. See you later." Lenny frowns and waves a little wave.

Lucy takes Lenny's hand. "Let's play," she says.

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