Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Twindergarten by Nikki Ehrlich illustrated by Zoey Abbott

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Twindergarten by Nikki Ehrlich illustrated by Zoey Abbott (2017)

by AHK

Twins Zoe and Dax go together like peanut butter and jelly. But for kindergarten they get assigned to separate classrooms. Before the big day, Zoe feels excited and takes the lead comforting Dax as he worries. However, when they arrive at school their roles reverse and suddenly it's Zoe who is not so sure about this whole kindergarten thing. They each make a new friend, but Zoe continues to miss Dax. They are reunited for recess, and Dax slips Zoe a special note which reminds her that no matter what, they have each other, which allows Zoe to settle in and enjoy her own experience. This is a good lesson on separation anxiety as well as a good introduction to the kinds of things kids do in kindergarten. Add it to your first-day rotation!

Themes/Topics: twins, separation anxiety, first day of school, kindergarten, worry, friendship

Sample text from the wordiest spread: 

On the night before school, the twins had the jitters. The just-about-to-start-school jitters. Tomorrow, they'd be in different classrooms. And they ABSOLUTELY couldn't imagine what that would feel like. The twins took out the pins and name tags their teachers had sent them. Zoe would be with the Awesome Alligators. Dax would be with the Cool Cats. But what they ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY wanted was to be together. 

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  1. Wow such an interesting story you have written i wish you'll write the next of it because this is really interesting to see how you put the words together loved it.