Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Too-Scary Story by Bethanie Deeney Murguia

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The Too-Scary Story by Bethanie Deeney Murguia (2017)

by AHK

When I used to ask my dad to tell me a story he'd say, "Once upon a time, the end." and then enjoy listening to us shriek at him to "tell it right." Papa in this story does a much more thorough job, though with a similar amount of editorializing from Walter and Grace. Grace wants a scary story, Walter not so much. Papa does a great job of introducing a scary element, which the illustrations echo with dark ominous colors, and then bringing back from scary into comforting--pleasing Walter and annoying Grace. This will be a delight to read in storytime--it reminds me of the fun of reading, "Snip Snap What's That" by Bergman, which hovers juuuust on the edge of too-scary.  For readers with a dramatic flair this is an excellent choice for storytime.

Themes/topics: night, scary, being scared, storytelling, bedtime, stories, owls

Sample text from two-and-a-half spreads:

Beyond the fireflies, deep in the bushes, crept all kinds of.../

"I can hear them all breathing." whispers Grace. 
"Too scary!" says Walter /

Don't worry. Those creatures were just settling into bed for the night.  
"Sleep tight." Walter whispers. 


  1. A smarter way to introduce new vocabulary to children and make learning fun. A bedtime story always remain in the memory of kids so it has to be excellent. This book seems well illustrated and just perfect. Good job.