Monday, September 25, 2017

Will You Help Doug Find His Dog? by Jane Caston and Carmen Saldaña

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Will You Help Doug Find His Dog? by Jane Caston illustrated by Carmen Saldaña (2017)


Ever since Press Here delighted storytime librarians and attendees everywhere, there have been many books that try to capture that magic. This one is a great addition to the interactive genre. Poor Doug has lost his dog, but we, the readers, are going to help him find his dog. Doug tells us his dog is scruffy, and we call all the scruffy dogs. Doug's dog has spots, so we can pat all the dogs who have spots. Next we're looking for the small dogs--let's give them each a tickle. Eventually we narrow things down and Doug and Dog are reunited. A joy for dog lovers, this is an excellent choice for storytime. It can be easily adapted to work with a group and the illustrations provide lots of opportunities for discussion and differentiation. Top notch!

Themes/topics: dogs, pets, interactive, kisses

Sample text from two spreads: 

Hey, will you help Doug find his dog?  
You will? Great!
I wonder what Doug's dog looks like. Let's ask Doug. 
 What does your dog look like? 
"My dog is scruffy."

So, Doug's dog is a scruffy dog. 
Call, "Here, Scruff!" to all the scruffy dogs. 

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  1. This will be a great story to follow and have some good interest. I love the name of the book too, Is it available everywhere? Let me know the availability details.