Friday, September 22, 2017

Hello Goodbye Dog by Maria Gianferrari pictures by Patrice Barton

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Hello Goodbye Dog by Maria Gianferrari pictures by Patrice Barton (2017)

Zara's dog, Moose, loves "Hello," Hello means all the good things in life. Moose hates "Goodbye," goodbye means all the bad things in life. So when Zara starts school, Moose just can't accept goodbye and being without Zara, even for a little while. Much the little lamb of nursery rhyme fame, Moose follows Zara to school, and each time it takes more and more people to get Moose home, and stronger (and sadder) measures are put in place to KEEP Moose home. Although Zara is in a wheelchair, Moose is not a service dog. But Moose loves being read to, and gives Zara an idea--she has Moose certified as a therapy dog so Moose can come to school with her. A perfect tie-in for any Reading Dog program at the library, discussions about service and therapy animals and a delightful read-aloud in it's own right. Say hello to this one.

Themes/topics: dogs, pets, first day of school, therapy dogs, service animals

Sample text from one spread. Moose has already escaped twice. 

Goodbye was being tied up in the backyard. 
Moose chewed through the rope. It was time to say, "Hello!"
"Hello, Moose!" cried Zara. 
Hello was having a book and someone to read it to you. 
"Dogs aren't allowed in the library," said Ms. Chen. 
"Moose will be quiet," said Zara. "She likes it when I read to her."
Zara read. 
Kids listened. 
Moose's tail swept circles on the rug. 


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Hello Goodbye Dog here, Anna :)!!

    1. So glad you saw this; thanks for such a great book to feature!

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