Monday, August 7, 2017

The Ring Bearer by Floyd Cooper

The Ring Bearer by Floyd Cooper (2017) #ownvoices

Weddings may not be the most common theme for storytime, but nervousness is universal. Jackson is very nervous about his role in his mama's wedding--he has to carry the rings! He's also nervous about calling Bill "Dad" and getting a new little sister, Sophie, who is the flower girl in the wedding. Grandpa helps get them ready to walk down the aisle--slow and steady--but Sophie forgets and is about to trip on a stair when Jackson catches her and saves the day. Jackson finds the confidence and comfort he needs within himself in this sweet read-aloud.

Themes/topics: weddings, nervousness, anxiety, siblings, family, remarriage, saving the day, blended families, #ownvoices

Sample text from two spreads:
Grandpop helps them practice, shows them how to walk down the aisle slow and steady. "That way you won't trip," Grandpop says like he knows just what's in Jackson's heart. But Jackson is worried anyway. 

The music starts and Sophie takes off. Grandpop nudges Jackson to get him going, too. Jackson walks slow and steady while Sophie skips ahead, ignoring Grandpop's advice. Mama's having a wedding, and Jackson has an important job to do, and no matter what Sophie does, he will not trip down the aisle!

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