Friday, June 9, 2017

Green Pants by Kenneth Kraegel

Green Pants by Kenneth Kraegel (2017)
I really liked Kraegel’s earlier book, “The Song of Delphine” and just love “Green Pants.” My youngest brother actually refused to wear clothing that wasn’t green for a few years—adorable in retrospect, but a bit trying at the time. Jameson will only wear green pants, which allow him to dunk, dive and dance like no other. When he meets his cousin’s fiancée, he is smitten and agrees to be in their wedding—until his mother breaks the bad news: tuxedos have black pants. Jameson truly wrestles with what to do, and ends up solving the problem in a perfectly acceptable and authentic way. Utterly utterly charming

Themes/topics: weddings, clothing, pants, underwear, choices

Most spreads have just a few words or a single sentence. This sample is the spread with the most words:
The next morning, Jameson’s mother said, “You know, being in a wedding is a big deal. There will be a lot of standing.”
“No problem,” Jameson said.
“And you’ll have to smile nicely for all the photos”
“No problem.”
“And you’ll have to use your best manners at dinner.”
“No problem.”
“And one more thing,” his mother said slowly. “You will have to wear a tuxedo.”
“Okay.” Jameson nodded. “No problem!”
“Jameson, the tuxedo will be black.”
WHAT?” Jameson gasped. “BLACK pants? BLACK? Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m afraid so.”

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