Sunday, February 19, 2017

Max Speed

Max Speed by Stephen Shaskan (2016)

One of the cutest little daredevils you’ve ever seen, Max Speed gets his room clean just in time for adventure. Hopping into his zippy red roadsters, he zooms along facing various road blocks with ingenuity and aplomb. With tons of action words, and repeating phrases like, “Had Max met his match?” and “Just in time,” this one is a storytime win. Great fun-Highly recommended!

Themes/topics: Superheros, problem solving, adventure, sharks, imagination, mothers

Sample text from four spreads,
Max feel gently down into…/
[speech bubble] ‘GREAT GADZOOKS!’
Had Max met his match? /
Just in time, Max spoke his super-secret shark language, “Sharky-shark-shark. Shark, shark-shark, sharky-shark. Shark, shark?” /
The sharks showed Max the way to the super-secret underground cave. 

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