Monday, February 20, 2017

Cat Knit by Jacob Grant

Cat Knit by Jacob Grant (2016)

An adorably expressive cat forms a complicated friendship with a ball of yarn. When Cat’s transforms Yarn by knitting it into a cat sweater, Cat feels betrayed by his friend. Since snow/cold features predominately in this title, it will work with those themes as well. With large, clear illustrations and just a few words on a page, this title should fit well into most storytimes. Note: Jacob Grant is also the author of Scaredy Kate, another Everyday Diversity favorite of mine.

Themes/topics: cats, clothing, yarn/knitting, friendship, funny, mix-ups, snow

Sample text from first two spreads:
Cat and Girl had always been good friends.

One day, Girl brought home a colorfull new guest. His name was Yarn. 

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