Wednesday, September 7, 2016

'I'm a Great Little Kid' Series Nonfiction

Although I don't buy nonfiction for my system, I recently noticed a few titles from the "I'm a Great Little Kid" series from Second Story Press. 

I've read Never Give Up: A Story About Self-Esteem and That Uh Oh Feeling: A Story About Touch, both by Kathryn Cole illustrated by Qin Leng. While I'm not reviewing them in a formal way here, I read through both of them and was favorably impressed with the way sensitive issues are handled, and the fact that the books are racially diverse in a way that doesn't resort to tokenism. I'm not sure having only read two of them, but I think it's the same group of kids in all the books, and each book features a different child as the main character. Never Give Up in particular could work with older kids in a storytime or classroom setting. I like that the main character is a hijabi girl who solves a bullying problem for someone else--a white boy who is being mocked for his inability to ride a bike. 

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